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Customs Bonds & Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance - Avalon works with multiple markets to provide coverage tailored to meet your individual cargo insurance needs. All policies provide basic All-Risk coverage for cargo in-transit, including Free of Particular Average and With Average alternatives. At Avalon, we go beyond standard coverage forms to offer you customized cargo policies which can include:


CONTAINER PROJECT SHIPMENTS - Special rates and insuring conditions for short and long-term projects, including high-value shipments

BREAK BULK & BULK CARGO - Coverage for containerized, break bulk and bulk cargo moves

WAREHOUSE STORAGE – Door-to-door All-Risk coverage, including short and long-term warehouse storage

CARGO LEGAL LIABILITY – Coverage for physical loss or damage to cargo for which 3PLs assume liability under a house bill of lading or airway bill

BAILEE – Coverage for warehouse operators or local truckers to insure property in your possession on an All-Risk Basis

SPECIAL CARGO CLAUSES – Policies can be tailored to include:

  •  Airfreight Replacement Clause
  •  Brands/Labels Clause
  •  Concealed Damage
  •  Consolidation & Deconsolidation
  •  Damage over Controlled Goods
  •  Debris Removal
  •  Deliberate Damage – Customs
  •  Deliberate Damage – Pollution Hazard
  •  Exhibition Coverage
  •  Import Duty
  •  Shortage from Container

BENEFITS OF INSURING – Should something unforeseen happen to your cargo while in-transit, we want you to have the best protection available to help you recover after the loss. Because of mass buying power and our strong relationship with our insurance broker, we can provide you with coverage and services not available elsewhere.

Surety Bonds – We act as managing general agents for our sureties and specialize in various transportation-related performance bonds. We also act as a third-party administrator with authority to handle all bond claims and subrogation matters. Whatever your transportation surety needs, RW Smith can assist.


U S Customs Bonds

  • Importer Bond – Required for importation of goods into the U.S. to guarantee payment of duties, taxes and fees as well as compliance with customs laws and regulations.
  • Custodial Bond – Secures the obligations of bonded warehouse, common carriers, cartmen, container freight stations, and centralized examination stations.
  • International Carrier Bond – Secures all activities related to the entry of a vessel, vehicle or aircraft.
  • Carnet Bonds
  • Military Traffic Management Command Bonds (MTMC)
  • Temporary Importation Bond